About architectuality

A passion for IT-architecture

My name is Stephen Dougall, and for the best part of the last 20 years, I have been working with IT-Architecture. I have always found IT architecture a fascinating and important practice, which I hope to further in the Architecturality Blog. I started my career as a Developer and Software Architect, and in recent years I mostly work as an Enterprise or Solution Architect.

The reason I started the Architecturality Blog is simple, I think that the practice of IT architecture is more important than ever. The development of technology grows faster every year as does its complexity, and technology now touches almost everyone’s life. I also think that IT architecture is a practice and a profession that is fundamental to building the technologies of the future.

I am the proud holder of a CITA-D (Distinguished) certification and I work with IASA contributing to the ITABok (IT Architects Body of Knowledge).

You may have noticed that “Architecturality” is not really a word in the dictionary, so why did I choose to give that name to the blog?

Well, words ending in “-ality” indicate a quality or a state. In which case the definition of Architecturality might be:

“The quality or state of being architectural.”

This may well be a relevant word, since the discussion about what is architectural, in the context of IT, continues to be a well-debated subject.

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