The Mindset for Architectural Decisions

This article has also been published in Architecture and Governance Magazine. You can find the published article here. One of the most important skills an architect possesses is the ability to manage and make good decisions. Managing decisions and facilitating the decision-making process are key to building healthy and sustainable architectures. Within the architect profession,Continue reading “The Mindset for Architectural Decisions”

The Colours of Architecture

Some years ago I attended a conference where John Zachman gave a seminar about his enterprise architecture framework. Something which stayed with me from that seminar was his approach to architecture models. It is common when we work with architecture that we meet a great many stakeholders. We gather information from the stakeholders regarding theContinue reading “The Colours of Architecture”

Hooray for Disciplined Agile!

I have been working with Agile development for 10+ years and often in a variety of roles, such as Enterprise Architect, Solution Architect, Product Owner…. Since I work mainly as a consultant, I have had the privilege to work in several different sectors, companies and products. If there is one thing that all my assignmentsContinue reading “Hooray for Disciplined Agile!”

No Silver Bullet for Measuring Technical Debt

Gathering substantial Technical Debt can weigh your business down, affecting your business agility and value delivery. To keep Technical Debt on balance we have to be able to measure it. In addition, it is important to separate Technical Debt from Quality Issues, the difference being that Technical Debt is intentional and Quality Issues are not.Continue reading “No Silver Bullet for Measuring Technical Debt”

Is Technical Debt Good?

The term technical debt, seems to cover all manner of sins these days. It is sometimes used, in my opinion, incorrectly as a motivation to adopt new technologies or features. It is also often used to describe any kind of technical quality issue with a product. Ward Cunningham the original author of the term indicatesContinue reading “Is Technical Debt Good?”

Managing Large Digital Transformations

When an organisation makes a significant strategic change, this can result in the need for a large-scale digital transformation. This may feel like you have a mountain to climb, or perhaps several mountains. The organisation may need to modify or gain capabilities in order to meet market demands. This will likely have a profound effectContinue reading “Managing Large Digital Transformations”

Is Emergent Design Architecture?

In general, I would say that most people in the IT world would agree that a good architecture is of fundamental importance to any successful technology development. How would the Golden Gate Bridge have looked, if not for the architectural talents of Joseph Strauss? IT-Architecture is a profession, and the people that practice architecture requireContinue reading “Is Emergent Design Architecture?”

High Speed or High Velocity?

A number of months ago I wrote an article for IASA on Velocity for the ITaBoK. You can find the article here. It really got me thinking about what velocity really is. A high velocity is certainly a desirable outcome in any organization, and a good IT-architecture should facilitate velocity. So how do we measure velocity? I notice thatContinue reading “High Speed or High Velocity?”